They are tearing it away! Wow ?!

Who would have thought that protective masks (sanitary and general public) could have become in the West in such a short time a product whose use becomes literally vital?

If in Asian countries, the protective mask is worn daily and without this shocking, in the West, the practice is far from common.

Wearing a mask in Asia is not only a way of protecting oneself from viruses, allergies or pollution, it is also a means of preserving one’s anonymity, of limiting one’s social interactions with others or, for women, to hide her face without makeup.

In addition to offering a protective barrier against viruses and bacteria present in the air, can we imagine for a moment that masks become for us a real fashion accessory in their own right?

In Japan, for the biggest fashion enthusiasts, the mask is available in different colors and materials. Masks made with bra cups are very popular. In France or in our DROM, COM, time will tell if this trend is true …


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