What if we help each other take care of ourselves

This first semester 2020 undeniably places even more people at the center of our concerns.

The surge of solidarity, generosity and creativity that we have seen in recent weeks on the part of our companies regarding to our nursing staff, our suppliers, our customers and our fellow citizens, more largely, is the proof. But should we stop at these actions?

Since May 11, our habits of work, exchange, travel, consumption have been modified, fully or partially.

Faced with this pronounced and inevitable change, we must and we will have to overcome, in our companies, the fear of an uncertain tomorrow, the anger of being powerless at the rapid and fluctuating evolution of a sanitary, social and economic world, the sadness perhaps not being able to work as before and adapting to daily life to find agile solutions for our customers.

But rest assured and reassure your loved ones now! If in confinement, we were able to find a share of positivism, it will be the same for this new mode of living together, considered according to the currents of thought as perennial or momentary.

To soon enjoy all of our successes at the right value, the commitment to the path of change is proposed. The open-mindedness, the attention, the listening that we carry and that we will bring to our environment will allow us to act on our ways of thinking and working on a daily basis and will know how to guide us towards this programmed success.

Now, more than ever, let’s stay connected with each other, take care of each other, act and collaborate kindly together to go further and for a long time!

Patricia and Pascal